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Conspicuous by their Absence: Studies Comparing and Combining Risperidone and Applied Behavior Analysis to Reduce Challenging Behavior in Children with Autism

Authored by Weeden, M., Ehrhardt K., and Poling A. in Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Volume 3, Issue 4, p. 905-912, (2009).

Article summary (posted Sep 28, 2010):


It may be helpful to combine risperidone with applied behavior analysis (ABA) in order to improve the behavior of children with autism.

The effect of risperidone can vary a lot from child to child. This article talks about risperidone and ABA as therapies for autism and explores which one works better. Risperidone has been studied as a therapy for children with autism and data show it is able to decrease destructive behavior. Other studies have shown that risperidone does not help with destructive behavior in certain children. None of the studies have compared risperidone to ABA therapy or combined risperidone with ABA therapy.


You can access the original abstract and the complete paper is sometimes available for free via Google Scholar (look for entries that say "PDF").

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