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Research list
Naturalistic Observations of Elicited Expressive Communications of Children with Autism: An Analysis of Teacher Instructions

Authored by Chiang, H. - M. in Autism, Volume 13, Issue 2, p. 165-178, (2009).

Article summary (posted Aug 10, 2010):


Verbal prompt and modeling may be useful in eliciting communication in low verbal and nonverbal students.

The purpose of this study was to collect data on how children with severe autism communicate in the classroom. The author found that even though the 32 students were non-verbal or had few words, they did communicate in the classroom. They did this rarely (about once every six minutes). The children with the most severe autism spoke the fewest words. Almost all of the teachers were able to prompt communication from the students.


You can access the original abstract and the complete paper is sometimes available for free via Google Scholar (look for entries that say "PDF").


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