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Established in January 2001 with a mission to promote, enhance, and facilitate intensive, home-based education of children with special needs through the effective application of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). TEAMWORKS Behavioral Therapy’s vision is “to be the leading provider of behavioral therapy education for children with special needs.”

To realize this vision, TEAMWORKS Behavioral Therapy emphasizes growth, team effort and fun as its core values:

  • Growth

Above all, we value the positive development of children placed in our care. Our intensive and holistic therapeutic programs are designed to address as many developmental areas – cognitive, language, motor skills, socialization, and self-help – to make each child socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally adaptive. 

Because we believe that our level of expertise determines the quality of our child-clients learning, we extend our commitment to development and continuous training to our own people.  To address the developmental needs of children in the countryside, growth also refers to the company’s efforts to expand its reach through setting up ABA clinics around the country.  

  • Team effort

We recognize that the collaboration of individuals who regularly interact with the child (such as parents, caregivers, teachers, other therapists and medical professionals) is crucial to the success of behavioral interventions.

Each person has a specific role and contribution to the child’s progress.  Only by working interdependently, in an atmosphere characterized with trust and open communication, will we maximize the outcomes of our programs for the benefit of the children.

  • Fun

For TEAMWORKS, fun is an integral part of our delivery.  We do this through the use of: enthusiastic tones; natural language; interspersing tasks; varied settings, instructions, content, and reinforcers; as well as a heightened sensitivity to the child-client’s preferences,

We believe that our child-clients ought to enjoy their therapy sessions and that they get along well with the therapist assigned to them. An intensive yet fun-filled educational set-up motivates the child-client to spontaneously interact and participate with the therapists.  

These core values guide TEAMWORKS Behavioral Therapy’s efforts to achieve the following company objectives falling under three key result areas: empowerment, involvement, and outreach.

  • Empowerment

    1. Train TEAMWORKS therapists and other professionals on the proper application of ABA methodology and related topics on a regular basis;
    2. Conduct regular training/workshops to parents, relatives, and caregivers of our clients to teach them manage the child and his/her behavior within and outside of their home;
    3. Provide necessary information (e.g. client status, mainstreaming program) to schools which implement a mainstreaming program.
  • Involvement

    1. Encourage families and caregivers to follow-up individualized ABA Program at home;
    2. Communicate regularly with clients pertaining to behavioral and performance issues at home, in school, and in other therapies undertaken;
    3. Team-up with schools, centers, and organizations to further promote and facilitate center-based programs.
  • Outreach

    1. Help enhance awareness on the issues of Autism/PDD and to promote application of ABA to the public through free seminars and awareness campaigns in public schools and institutions.
    2. Form satellite centers in the provinces that will provide an effective therapeutic approach to clients outside Metro Manila.


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